Start Your Business TODAY, Not ONE DAY!

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me-and-kenya-in-bad-shirtsOver the years, I have heard the frustration of many of my clients and friends.  Most of them are not happy on their jobs.  They feel overworked and underpaid.  Others feel they are not appreciated or are taken for granted.  Then you have the business owners who didn’t realize it would be so tough.  They quickly learned that running a bakery is a lot different from just baking cakes in your kitchen.

One of the many lessons I have been teaching my daughter in her short life is to learn from the mistakes of others.  Because the reality is….you don’t have time to make them all yourself.  I have found myself on many occasions sharing with her the many mistakes I’ve made as a young adult, with the hopes of her not having to repeat them.  I know I can’t protect her from everything or from ever making a mistake I’m not naïve.  However, I’d like for her to make some “new” mistakes (if that makes sense).  Don’t do the same stupid stuff that I did….do some new and improved stupid stuff. LOL

I feel the same is true for business owners.  You should study successful people and learn from their mistakes.  Pay attention to what is working….and what’s not!  This Business Blueprint Intensive Workshop is offering you an opportunity to speed up the learning curve and avoid the many mistakes that I (and many of my clients) have made.    Think about it, fewer mistakes, greater success, better cash flow, and consistent profitability sooner vs. later.  Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

What would you do with the time saved by not having to put out business fires day after day?  Close your eyes and imagine how different your life could be!  You could volunteer more at your favorite charity or your child’s school.   Take care of an elderly parent.   Read a book on a beach trip during the week.

What would freedom from financial worries mean to you?   What would you do with your business profits?  Would you fund your children’s college fund or start saving for retirement? The possibilities are endless.

The good news is every day I find myself adding more great stuff to the workshop manual (this thing is going to be HUGE).  I am committed to sharing EVERYTHING I know about starting and running a business (and that’s a lot).  So now I extend an invitation to you to make the shift!  No matter the age or stage of your business, you are GUARANTEED to learn something new!

Don’t let another year pass with your saying….. “…one day I’m going to start a business.”  One day is not on the calendar.  I’m coming to SIXTEEN cities.  Find the one closest to you and REGISTER HERE! Do whatever you have to do to be there.  Rearrange your vacation days.  Borrow the money from your mom.  Sell your TV.  Crawl across broken glass.  Whatever you have to do….DO IT!  BECAUSE I GUARANTEE IT WILL BE WORTH IT!  IF YOU DON’T THINK SO…..I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

If you are still not convinced….sign up for my PRE-workshop webinar.  On September 6 – 8 at 8:00 PM each night, I’m going to be sharing the business basics to turn your “one day” into “TODAY


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