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Did You Hire A Fraud?

If you have employees, you need to read this book!

This book will serve as your complete guide to making sure you don’t “Hire a Fraud”. What you don’t know about fraud CAN and WILL cause you to suffer severe financial losses, drive you to bankruptcy, or even put you out of business. When you understand what fraud is and how fraudsters work, you can implement safeguards to protect your business.

Unlike any other crime, fraud is personal! The violation leaves you feeling hurt, betrayed, ashamed, and even disappointed. That’s because it is most likely committed by a trusted person – like a bookkeeper, assistant, or even a business partner.

In this book you will discover:

  • The face of fraud – you will learn the stats, signs, and schemes
  • True stories – you will see how fraud has impacted a small business, a non-profit entity, a church, and even a big business
  • The solutions – you will learn strategies you can put into place immediately to protect your business from insider theft

Bernadette L. Harris is a forensic accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, keynote speaker, and author who has helped hundreds of business owners put systems in place to protect their businesses and prepare for growth. She has educated them on how to improve their operational processes and build more efficient businesses.

Business Blueprint 2.0

This is your complete guide to building a strong foundation for your business. With humorous stories and real-life examples to illustrate key points, you will learn business start-up fundamentals without falling asleep. Each chapter ends with specific action steps to take, making this a manual you can refer to again and again.

You will discover how to:

Create a business plan in days, not years.
Avoid “beginner” mistakes most business owners make.
Maintain audit-proof records to avoid IRS problems. No accounting degree required!
Manage your business for profits.
Prevent fraud and theft by employees and vendors.

Business Blueprint 2.0: A Guide to Starting & Running Your Business THE RIGHT WAY!

7 Locker Room Lessons

Basketball is more than just a sport.  It is a game that develops character and endurance – both mental and physical.

7 Locker Room Lessons is your complete guide to making the correlation between life and basketball. With stories that are relatable (and sometimes humorous), the authors illustrate how involvement in athletics is a great way to strengthen integrity and build resilience.  While the media may be filled with negative stories about collegiate sports and those who play them, this book casts a positive light on the world of players, coaches, and healthy competition.

After reading 7 Locker Room Lessons, you will:

  • Learn how to think on the move and make better decisions.
  • Embrace the notion of taking calculated risks, and live a fuller life.
  • Become a better you by competing every day.
Life And Basketball