This is my story…

Today is Small Business Saturday and I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your support. It is because of people like you that I can proudly say I have been in business 15 years.

I started my company in 2001 because I was tired of working really hard for others and not being fully appreciated or compensated. The last “job” I had before starting my business was with a government agency. They received a bad audit report and they needed to hire some accountants to come in to help clean things up. There were two of us charged with helping the accounting department clean up their act. We worked on this assignment for about six weeks and I must say we kicked butt. When the auditors came back in, they were VERY impressed. Not only did they have cleaned up books (because their financials were JACKED UP) but we also helped them implement new policies and procedures to prevent future mistakes. We trained their new staff, and put them in a much better position going forward.
I was extremely proud of my accomplishment but I was disappointed with the fact that I wasn’t truly compensated for my true worth. I found out about this position through a staffing agency, so there wasn’t much room for negotiating rates. I had to take the salary that I initially agreed up.
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt like, you worked so hard at something and your pay did not reflect it?
Well that was when I said, NO MORE and By The Book Accounting was born and I haven’t looked back. And now 15 years in the game, I have helped so many others start, run, and grow thriving ventures.
So that’s my story….it’s time to write yours. If you have been wanting to get started in business but do not know all the steps, make sure you take advantage of my special sale for Black Friday weekend only.

Bernadette L. Harris is a Tax and Forensic Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, keynote speaker, and #1 best-selling author who has helped hundreds of business owners put systems in place to protect their businesses and prepare for growth. She speaks to audiences across the country about entrepreneurship and fraud prevention.

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