All event planners are tasked with the job of finding the perfect speaker for their event, which can be a challenge.

You want someone who is going to have the right energy, be relatable, and most importantly give a relevant speech.

I can say without a doubt that I’m the perfect “imperfect” speaker.

Here's why...

My life is proof that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Ten months after starting my business, I left (and later divorced) my daughter’s father.  At the time he was the primary bread winner for our family and my business was making what I called my “hair and shoe” money.  You know…just enough money for me to keep my bi-weekly hair appointment and add to my growing shoe collection.  When I decided that the marriage no longer served me well, I rented a U-Haul, asked my dad to drive it, and I relocated to Atlanta, GA.  I had $5,000 to my name and 20 tax clients in my business.  Please know it was September when I left, so tax season was over.  But I was determined to make my business work and I did.  It was not easy but I made it.  I raised a responsible and caring daughter (mostly on my own), earned two master’s degrees, and started several businesses.

Let me tell you, the journey was not cherries and berries.  I laugh now when I remember making “house calls” to clients.  I was doing whatever it took to get new clients. I failed my way to success.  My greatest motivation was, knowing my daughter was watching.  Because she saw me do whatever it took, she now knows that she can do and be whatever she wants.

So if you are looking for someone who has triumphed from hard times, struggles, sacrifice, repeated failures, I am she! One of my mantras in life is “whatever it takes”.

I am available for:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Breakout sessions
  • Lunch meetings
  • In-house training sessions

If you are interesting in having me speak at your next event please complete the form below.  Upon receipt of your submission, we will prompt contact you to schedule a call to discuss your event.